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Captain Bogg & Salty Set Sail

It started in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Loren Hoskins, of local sketch comedy rogues The 3rd Floor,  joined forces with Kevin Hendrickson from the Portland indie-rock darling Pirate Jenny. Together they boiled up a slumgullion stew out of Robert Louis Stevensons' Treasure Island and Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They peppered it with strange rock influences from the likes of Oingo Bongo and The Toy Dolls, and  then mixed in heaps of inspired silliness. What hit the galley table was Portland's very own Pirate Rock Band for Buccaneers of All Ages.


Captain Bogg & Salty launched slipped into the saltwater spray during the late summer of 1998.

Flip the ship's log forward 10 years and four albums later, and Captain Bogg & Salty had become THE premiere pirate rock band. Long before Jack Sparrow swaggered down the plank, these hearty fellows were living the pirate life. Onstage antics and nautical nonsense collided with punky ska and reimagined sea shanties. This was a band that provided the soundtrack for any and all to climb aboard and just "play pirate". 

Captain Bogg & Salty shows played a wild gambit: From junior high gymnasiums to standing room only library shows, from pirate-themed faires and festivals to opening for Harvey Danger in a punk club in New Jersey, from late-night revelries in dingy rock clubs to swanky arts center shows... this was the little Pirate Rock Band That Could. 

But one day in 2008, the economy sprung a leak. No more were lubbers booking pirate rockers. CD sales disappeared overnight and Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson, most grateful for 10 years of yars, put the ship in dry dock. They thought it was time to grow up, until that day that Never Land called...

Sailing with Captain Bogg & Salty

Pieces of 8ight music video


"Allow me to introduce Sharky and Bones!"

The Adventures of Sharky and Bones

Disney called. More specifically they emailed. Even more specifically, the email was sitting in the spam folder and Loren found it randomly on the day after it was sent.


They were building a new world on the Disney Channel called Disney Junior and the flagship show was a rollicking pirate adventure on Never Land, and they wondered if Loren and Kevin wouldn't like to just postpone that pirate retirement to write the theme song for Jake and the Never Land Pirates!

The current was swift after that. Before the year was out Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson were the composers, songwriters, and a couple of character voice talents on the show, in addition to the live-action Sharky and Bones for promotional events and music video end credits.


There were albums, press tours, voice overs, morning shows, and theme park concerts. There were first pitches thrown at Dodger games, televised Walt Disney World Christmas Parades, Disneyland private parties and shows in NY Central Park. All the while, there were four hungry seasons of the animated show to feed with songs and music.

An unexpected tour of duty for a couple dudes that had hung up their tricorn hats. Eight magical years of mayhem under the command of a Mouse.


Starfish Serenade


What's more surreal than writing and performing professional pirate rock music for your Disney Dream? Watching your doppelgänger do it in Spain... and France... and Italy... and Germany...

Never Land Pirate Band

The Original Lads

Spanish Mateys

Pirate Password

Sharky and Bones Version One

The French Scallywaggs

Roll Up the Map


Pirati Italiani

The Jolly Roger

English Swabs

German Swashbucklers

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