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Sketch Comedy

Loren has been writing and performing comedy for 23 years. He was a founding member of the Portland sketch comedy institution THE 3RD FLOOR, he's traveled and performed internationally as part of the sketch comedy duo HOSKINS AND BREEN, and recently returned to sketch scene alongside SEDAN.

Over the years, Loren has spun out many of his live-stage characters for other projects. The hit animated web show SHAWKS and even the original, all ages buccaneer rock band CAPTAIN BOGG & SALTY can trace their roots right back to sketch comedy.

Recently Loren developed and optioned an original animated show for Disney Junior, and he is currently scripting the newest installment of his dark storytelling and interactive ghost show, DREADFUL DREAMS - A SEANCE PARTY.

MasterClass: The Ghost of James Mason

The Ghost of James Mason is slowly losing his grip on our plane of existence as he leads his acting students thru a series of strange exercises and Hollywood drinking stories.

Written and performed for "Lone Wolves: MasterClass" at The Siren Theater

by Loren Hoskins

©Loren Hoskins, Parlour Ghost 2020-2021

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